colorado is the epicenter
of today's innovation

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the colorado innovation network

With our open and progressive business culture, rich R&D community and our inclination towards constant experimentation, Colorado is the epicenter of today’s innovation conversation

The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) is a catalyst for innovation with the mission of advancing connections in the global innovation ecosystem whereby Colorado is recognized as the most innovative state in the nation. COIN is a physical and virtual network of more than 2000 global leaders supporting the innovation ecosystem, growing companies and creating jobs. COIN supports the state’s innovation economy by convening and connecting the network and championing this Colorado Innovation Story.

Colorado’s innovation ecosystem is rapidly evolving. With so many great public and private efforts across the state working to expand our innovation footprint, COIN is focused on Colorado’s opportunities to accelerate innovation in the public sector. As a public-private partnership, COIN is uniquely poised to move this conversation forward.


colorado fast facts:
a leading innovation economy

  • the fastest growing economy
    in the united states

    (Business Insider, 2014)

  • 2nd most
    highly-educated state

  • 30 federal
    research labs

  • denver listed as
    8th most “future-ready” city

    (Dell Future Cities Study, 2015)

  • most active state

    (United Health Foundation, 2015)

  • 1st in nation for
    arts participation

    (National Endowment for the Arts, 2015)

  • 5th in nation for
    startup activity

    (Kauffman Foundation, 2016)

  • home to the first startup
    weekend and the
    largest startup weekend in the world


the state of innovation:
annual reports

Take a deeper look at innovation in Colorado. For each of the past four years, the Colorado Innovation Network has published innovation reports that explore and evaluate Colorado’s innovation progress. Founded on the pillars of Talent, Ideas, Capital and Entrepreneurship, these reports examine data, statistics and qualitative insights across these elements which are fundamental to the promotion of innovation. The future economic growth of Colorado will depend on the state’s continued ability to encourage innovation in an environment conducive to its development and adoption.

the COIN Summit

Over the last five years, COIN has produced four innovation summits which have convened the network and inspired innovators around the globe. To view footage from our past COIN events visit our YouTube channel at

This year we are partnering with Sound Ventures to launch a pilot event, the Reverb Conference, focused on innovation in the public sector. Reverb is a groundbreaking event that will bring together Colorado’s government leaders and a nationwide network of proven innovators to amplify the waves of change in civic disruption. This one-day event will focus on four key topics – cyber security, education, smart cities and enterprise platform solutions as well as one-on-one meetings between Colorado state and local government leaders and national startups to explore opportunities for collaboration. Learn more at



help us imagine what colorado can be

How would you connect Colorado’s youth to a healthier lifestyle? That was the $25,000 question. The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) and LiveWell Colorado teamed up to harness the power of the collective to solve some of Colorado’s most daunting dilemmas. “Imagine Colorado,” a first-of-its-kind statewide open innovation challenge, explored new collaborations and encouraged originality to yield positive social impact outcomes. View the winners from the inaugural challenge and learn more about open innovation at