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Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) A division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

1625 Broadway, Ste. 2700
Denver, Colorado 80202
Telephone: (303) 892-3840(303) 892-3840


Countdown to 2014 Summit

What to expect at the2014 Summit

This year’s event will be held August 26-27, 2014.

When you bring together 250 leaders from around the globe to connect on innovation topics, anything is possible. This annual event brings together a diverse group of thinkers and doers, movers and shakers and creators and innovators. This year we will discuss topics that will redefine the way you think about your connections to the things, resources, industries and people that surround us. Come prepared to learn something new, share something unique and befriend remarkable change makers.

This includes two full days of programming and an evening event.

The COIN 2014Summit

We are currently working on solidifying the agenda for the 2014 event. Please check back for updates.

Just a Few of OurFeatured

The COIN 2014Summit

A diverse group of orators representing different perspectives, expertise, and experiences challenged the way we think about innovation. Click on a speaker picture to view their full bio. We are working to solidify additional speakers for the event. Please check back for updates.

  • John W.


    John Hickenlooper calls himself a recovering geologist who once owned a brewpub and was goaded into running for mayor of Denver in 2003. He spent nearly eight years at City Hall before he became governor of Colorado in 2011. Hickenlooper and his team at the state Capitol are working hard to make Colorado the best state in the nation to do business in by supporting entrepreneurs, encouraging innovation and promoting the state’s highly-skilled workforce. Since he took office, six companies have announced plans to move their headquarters to Colorado.

  • Jeff

    Chairman and CEO,
    General Electric Company

    Jeffrey R. Immelt is the ninth chairman of GE, a post he has held since September 7, 2001.

    Mr. Immelt has held several global leadership positions since coming to GE in 1982, including roles in GE’s Plastics, Appliances, and Healthcare businesses. In 1989 he became an officer of GE and joined the GE Capital Board in 1997. A couple years later, in 2000, Mr. Immelt was appointed president and chief executive officer.

    Mr. Immelt has been named one of the “World’s Best CEOs” three times by Barron’s, and since he began serving as chief executive officer, GE has been named “America’s Most Admired Company” in a poll conducted by Fortune magazine and one of “The World’s Most Respected Companies” in polls by Barron’s and the Financial Times.

    Mr. Immelt was the chair of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. He is a member of The American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

    Mr. Immelt earned a B.A. degree in applied mathematics from Dartmouth College in 1978 and an M.B.A. from Harvard University in 1982. He and his wife have one daughter.

  • Safra

    President and CFO,

    Safra A. Catz has been President of Oracle Corporation since January 2004, a member of the Board of Directors since October 2001, and Chief Financial Officer as of April 2011.

    She first served as Oracle’s Chief Financial Officer from November 2005 to September 2008, as Executive Vice President from November 1999 to January 2004, and as Senior Vice President from April 1999 to October 1999. In May 2008, Ms. Catz was also appointed to a three-year term as member of the Board of Directors for HSBC Holdings plc, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations.

  • Uri

    Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Media Labs, Israel

    Uri has extensive experience in internet and new media, having served in numerous senior positions in multinational companies in these sectors. Uri is a board member of Celltick, CrossReader, Gamba Gamez, TOK, UiU and Wishi. Prior to joining JVP, Uri was CEO of MSN Israel, responsible for all of the corporation’s activities in Israel. Prior to MSN, Uri was intricately involved in Microsoft’s major international business and marketing challenges in fields that emerged from the rise of search engines and instant messaging. Prior to this, Uri was a partner and a co-CEO at Geller-Nessis, Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, during which he worked with leading brands including Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Philips and Energizer. Prior to that, he was a senior strategic planner at advertising agency Fogel-Levin / Ogilvy Israel, working with IBM, Unilever, Adidas, Philip Morris and others. In both companies, Uri was highly involved in the creative process granting him the position of an “evangelist” in the fast growing online advertising market. Uri holds a B.A. in political science from Tel Aviv University, a professional music degree from the Rimon School of Music, and an MBA from Manchester University.

  • Kenneth

    Author; Executive Director,
    Minor Disturbance.

    Ken Arkind is a National Poetry Slam Champion, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Champion and published author who has performed his work in 49 States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and at over 150 colleges and universities.

    He is the current Executive Director and head Brave New Voices coach for The Denver Minor Disturbance Youth Poetry Project, an independent literary arts organization dedicated to helping Colorado youth between the ages of 13-19 find their voices through the mediums of poetry and performance, and current Brave New voices International Youth Poetry Slam Champions.

    His work has been featured in the documentaries SPIT!, Slamplanet as well as on HBO, CBS, NBC, the Australian Broadcasting Company and Borders.com’s Open Door Poetry series alongside former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins and he has been a speaker at several conferences and festivals including Tedx Mile High 2012, Chicago Ideas Week 2011 and The Brisbane Writers Festival.

    A regular fixture in the Denver music scene he has opened for acts like The Flobots, Gil Scott Heron, Devotchka, Sage Francis, Ani Difranco, Cloud Cult, P.O.S., as well as NPR’s Amy Goodman and he is the only poet signed to Hot Congress Records.

    Ken has been published in numerous literary anthologies and Journals across the country, including The Good Things About America (Write Bloody Publishing) and the University of Washington’s 2010 Common Book “You Are Never Where You Are” alongside Pulitzer Prize Winner Yusef Komunyaka and US Poet Laureate Philip Levine.

    He was a member of the influential Spilljoy Ensemble tour, a collection of the country’s premiere young spoken word artists including Danny Sherrard, Jon Sands and Shira Erlichman, and has also toured extensively as one half of The Dynamic Duo with Panama Soweto, one of the nations most highly booked Spoken Word Comedy Acts. In addition he was recently part of The Global Poetics tour of Australia alongside Jive Poetic and Mahogany L. Browne.

    His first full collection of poetry will be available from from Penmanship Books in March 2013.

    Ken was born on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains and grew up playing in the shallow waters of the Yampa River.  He divides his time between an Apartment in Denver and a couch in Brooklyn.

  • Dean L
    Bartles, Ph. D.

    Executive Director
    Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, UI Labs

    Dr. Dean L. Bartles was recently announced as the Executive Director of the newly awarded “Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute” in Chicago which was one by a large collaborative team of 23 Universities/Colleges, 41 companies, state and local government support and strong support from the city of Chicago and led by UI LABS. Prior to this new position, Dr. Bartles spent over 35 years in the defense and aerospace industry and recently announced his retirement from General Dynamics Corporation in order to assume his new position with UI LABS.

  • Mitra

    U.S. Innovation Leader,

    Mitra M. Best is the U.S. Innovation Leader at PwC, leading the disciplined approach to inspire, evaluate and implement innovative ideas across the organization with the critical mission to support the development of new services and market opportunities across industries.

    Ms. Best  influences and advises PwC senior leaders on new ideas and approaches to organizational strategy, works with clients and third parties to foster open innovation, and promotes the PwC brand as an innovative leader in the marketplace.

    A major part of Ms Best’s effort is focused on transforming the culture both through the mindset of the 33,000 employees — encouraging each, regardless of their level, to play the role of innovator — and through influencing the leaders and legacy processes in the firm.  Through promoting this mindset, Ms. Best has helped reinvent the culture at PwC – making it clear that big ideas don’t only start in the boardroom, but instead can come from anywhere and from anyone. ??Ms. Best’s position as a thought leader in innovation can be observed through her active role in contributing to and shaping conversation in this space. She is a frequent speaker and panellist at conferences, promoting innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and public/private partnerships.

    Ms. Best started at PwC in April 1999 in the Office of Global CIO, as marketer, technologist and strategist. Before being appointed as the Innovation Leader for the US firm, Ms. Best served at the Technology Leader for the PwC Knowledge Services Organization and Business Strategy Leader for the PwC Center for Advanced Research. Prior to joining PwC, Ms. Best’s professional roles included Vice President, Business Development at BookMark Communications, and Founding Partner at Syntext, a software development company servicing industries such as aerospace, healthcare and publishing. She began her career as a software engineer and quickly moved into product and marketing strategy.

    Ms. Best has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Linguistics from UCLA and a Graduate Management Certificate in Innovation & Strategy from MIT.

    She serves on the boards of Start-Up UCLA, Colorado Innovation Network, LA Mayor’s Council on Innovation & Industry, and Facing History and Ourselves.

  • Robert

    Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity,
    and Chief of Medical Psychology-Neuropsychology,
    University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Semel Institute

    Dr. Bilder received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology at Columbia College, a doctorate in Psychology (Human Neuropsychology) at City College, and interned in Neuropsychology at the New York State Neurological Institute. Before joining UCLA in 2002, Dr. Bilder held faculty appointments at Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He served as Chief of Neuropsychology at Zucker Hillside Hospital of North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and was Associate Director for Human Research at the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging at the Nathan Kline Institute.

    Dr. Bilder is a neuropsychologist with decades of experience researching links between brain and behavior in health and disease. He has long been interested in erasing arbitrary boundaries between health and illness. He directed the Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics, which was supported by the NIH to investigate cognitive dimensions across multiple levels of analysis from genome to syndrome. He is starting a new project to examine working memory under the aegis of the NIMH Research Domains Criteria (RDoC) initiative. As Director of the Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity, Bilder and colleagues are studying creative cognition and exceptional abilities that may be important keys to achievement in diverse artistic, scientific, and business domains. Dr. Bilder is also leading the Mind Well program in the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative, and aims to apply knowledge about mind and brain to promote well-being and creative achievement throughout the UCLA campus and beyond.

  • Colonel
    Ronald J.
    Garan Jr.

    NASA Space Station & Shuttle Astronaut,
    Aquanaut, Test and Fighter Pilot,
    Social Entrepreneur

    Ron is a highly decorated Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed and targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems facing our world.

    Ron is a retired NASA astronaut who has traveled 71,075,867 miles in 2,842 orbits of our planet during more than 178 days in space and 27 hours and 3 minutes of EVA during four spacewalks.

    • Time in Space: 178 days, 23 hours, 54 minutes
    • Space Missions: STS-124, Soyuz TMA-21, Expedition 27/28
    • Spacewalks: 4 totaling: 27 hours, 3 minutes
    • Undersea Missions: NEEMO-9
    • Time on Bottom of the Ocean: 18 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes

    He flew on both the US Space Shuttle and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Ron is also an aquanaut and participated in the joint NASA-NOAA,NEEMO-9 mission, an exploration research mission held in Aquarius, the world’s only undersea research laboratory. During this mission he and the crew spent 18 continuous days living and working on the ocean floor.

    Ron’s last NASA assignment was in NASA’s Open Innovation Initiative, which seeks to increase openness, transparency, collaboration, and innovation within government. In this capacity, Ron has been involved in many global mass collaboration and citizen science programs.

    Prior to retiring from the US government, Ron was on assignment with the US Agency for International Development (USAID). At USAID he led an effort called Unity Node to develop a universal, open source, collaborative platform to enable humanitarian organizations around the world to work together toward their common goals and assisted USAID to establish an Applied Research for Development Program.

    Ron has a very large social media following (~3.5 million) and is included on Google Plus’ “Top 25 Followed” and Kred’s “Top 1% Influencer” lists. Ron has been effectively using these platforms to tell the success story of the US and International Space Programs and started an initiative called Fragile Oasis to use the “Orbital Perspective” to inspire people to improve life on Earth.

    Outside his work with the US government, Ron is also a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple business enterprises and social-impact focused startups including Manna Energy Ltdwhich was created to leverage the $120B/year Carbon Market to finance humanitarian projects in developing countries. Manna Energy Ltd. is the first organization in the world to successfully register a United Nations Clean Development Mechanism carbon credit program for water treatment.  Manna also developed, under contract with a partner organization the largest water treatment intervention conducted by a private organization – a four million person program operating in Kenya, completely funded by carbon credits.

    Ron represented Manna Energy Ltd as one of ten global innovators in the field of water purification during the 2009 Launch-Water forum (sponsored by NASA, US State Dept., USAID, and Nike) and is now a member of the Launch Council. Ron has been selected as the technical and scientific advisor to the Social Business movement and its founder Nobel Peace Laureate Mohammad Yunus.

  • Mark

    ThetaRay, Israel

    Mark Gazit is a veteran executive with over 20 years of experience as a senior manager, director, and CEO of several international high-tech companies. He is the Chief Executive Officer of ThetaRay, a leading provider of unknown threat detection solutions to critical infrastructure, financial institutions and organizations using Industrial Internet. Gazit’s background is concentrated in the areas of technology, growth management and global markets. He has helped build and lead multiple companies into global corporations and has experience working with the largest banks, financial institutions, and enterprises, such as Intel and Microsoft.

    Most recently, Gazit served as General Manager of Nice Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, an autonomous division of Nice Systems, Ltd., which provides software and hardware solutions to government agencies worldwide in the areas of information intelligence, cyber security and safe cities. Mark transformed this division into a fast growing, profitable revenue generator.

    As Group President and CEO of SkyVision, Gazit oversaw the company’s growth from start-up to a $100M company, serving over 50 countries worldwide with operation centers on three continents. SkyVision provides IP & Connectivity services in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    Earlier, Mark helped NASDAQ-listed Deltathree transform into one of the largest global providers of VoIP and web-based communication services. As an executive at NetVision, he helped build Israel’s largest Internet Service Provider.

    Gazit serves on the Boards of several commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations and regularly lectures in leading universities worldwide.

  • Andy

    EVP Investor Services,
    Charles Schwab

    Andy Gill is executive vice president and co-leader of Schwab Investor Services, responsible for driving profitable, long-term growth and increasing client loyalty of the company’s retail business, which serves individual investors and over 8 million accounts. Gill’s areas of focus include Schwab’s branch network, independent branch services, client service and support, local marketing, acquisition delivery, supervision and controls, portfolio consulting, and optionsXpress.

    Prior to that, Gill served as senior vice president of Schwab’s fixed income organization, responsible for the expansion of Schwab’s fixed income offering including trading, sales, service operations, and strategy. Gill also held roles leading Schwab’s retail pricing, products, services and delivery channel strategies, in addition to the delivery teams focused on portfolio consulting, fixed income sales and service, and active investor sales.

    Gill began his career at Charles Schwab in 2001 as vice president of CyberTrader marketing, known today as Schwab’s active investor group. Prior to joining Schwab, he was chief marketing officer at Cofiniti, a wealth management software company serving financial service institutions and at Rx.com, an online pharmacy. Gill also held various roles at Genesco, Inc., a men’s wholesale and retail footwear company and at Procter and Gamble in sales management and brand management.

    Gill holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

  • Bobby

    Word Architect,
    Performing Artist

    Bobby LeFebre is an award-winning performance poet, actor, and social worker from Denver, Colorado. He is a two-time Grand Slam Champion, a National Poetry Slam Finalist, an Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist, a two-time TEDx speaker, and has been a member of three National Poetry Slam Teams.

    Over his career, LeFebre has taught and performed poetry at hundreds of cultural events, protests, schools, detention centers, conferences, and colleges and universities across the United States. He has toured internationally, most recently to Cuba to assist the Cuban people in developing a stronger performance poetry network in Havana. He has been featured in a number of publications, has been seen and heard on the radio and TV, and was the recipient of the 2008 Cesar Chavez Peace and Justice Award and the 2013 Metropolitan State College of Denver Alumni Award. He has shared stages with the top performance poets in the nation, Grammy-nominated musicians Les Nubian, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Dead Prez, UNIVERSES, Saul Williams, Bahamadia, The Chicano Messengers of Spoken Word, D.J. Kool Herc, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, the late Gil Scott-Heron, Sandra Maria Esteves, and The Last Poets.

    Combining his passion for education and performance, LeFebre is founder of Cafe Cultura, Denver’s largest monthly artistic expression event serving the Mile High inner-city community. The monthly showcase was voted best open mic by Westword in 2007, and has showcased both local and national talent.

    As an actor, LeFebre is represented by Radical Artists Agency, who manages Colorado’s top actors for work in film, television, commercials, industrials, voice-overs, theater, and commercial print. He is also company member of Su Teatro, one of the nation’s premier Latino theater companies. LeFebre was recently featured in the National Museum of the American Latino Commission’s first-year report to President Obama and Congress, addressing the need for a Latino museum on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

    LeFebre lives and works in Denver and believes that green chile is the world’s most perfect food.

  • Ken

    Executive Director,
    Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

    Ken Lund currently serves as the Executive Director for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade. In this capacity Ken oversees the State’s initiatives and programs in business recruitment and retention, small business advocacy and assistance, business finance/business lending efforts, and supports the state’s tourism marketing and outreach initiatives through the Colorado Tourism Office. These roles are essential in the ongoing outreach and coordination of economic initiatives across the State, ensuring that the State’s goals for economic prosperity and sustainability are achieved in an intelligent and synchronized fashion, founded on the principals of broad consensus and collaboration across the various communities in Colorado.

    Prior to taking the role of executive director, Ken was hired by Governor Hickenlooper to be his Chief Legal Counsel.

    He was previously the firmwide Managing Partner of Holme Roberts & Owen in Denver and responsible for the articulation, development and implementation of the law firm’s client service and engagement strategy. Under Lund’s leadership, ColoradoBiz magazine named Holme Roberts & Owen the 2009 Top Colorado Company in the legal category for sustained financial excellence, community involvement and operational excellence.

    During Lund’s 11 years as Managing Partner at Holme Roberts & Owen, he took a lead role in building and supporting the firm’s growth, including opening new offices in Munich, Dublin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix. He also spearheaded development of the law firm’s integrated marketing and brand campaign, “Experience Listens. Be Heard.”

    Ken is active in the community and previously served as a board member for the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. and the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross. He also was a board member and executive committee member for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Denver. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Metro Denver Sports Commission.

    Lund earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and a juris doctorate from the University of Denver. Ken and his wife Andrea have two children.

  • Greg

    President and CEO,
    Liberty Media

    Greg Maffei is the President and CEO and a director of Liberty Media Corporation and Liberty Interactive Corporation. Liberty Media owns interests in a broad range of media, communications and entertainment businesses, including Sirius XM, Charter Communications, Live Nation Entertainment and the Atlanta Braves. Liberty Interactive has interests in digital commerce businesses, including TripAdvisor, QVC, Provide Commerce, Backcountry.com, Bodybuilding.com, CommerceHub, BuySeasons, Evite, Expedia, Tree.com, Interval Leisure Group and HSN. Liberty’s stocks have significantly outperformed the major stock indices and comparable companies under his tenure.

    Maffei also serves as Chairman of the Liberty?related companies Live Nation Entertainment, Sirius XM, Starz and TripAdvisor, and as a director of Charter Communications and Zillow.

    Prior to his joining Liberty in 2005, Maffei served as President and CFO of Oracle, Chairman, President and CEO of 360networks, CFO of Microsoft and Chairman of the Board of Expedia. Additionally, he has served as a director of Barnes & Noble, Citrix, DIRECTV, Dorling Kindersley, Electronic Arts and Starbucks Coffee.

    He has an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar, and an AB from Dartmouth College.

  • Jeremia

    Chief Catalyst, Crowd Companies

    Jeremiah is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies tap the collaborative economy, maker movement, and customer collaboration. Prior, he was a founding partner at Altimeter Group and an industry analyst at Forrester Research covering social computing.

    He focuses on how disruptive Web technologies—such as social media, the collaborative economy, and interactive marketing—impact the relevance of corporations to customers today and in the future. He is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving astute insights through rigorous research. His blog, “Web Strategy” is one of the premier blogs on how corporations connect with their customers using Web technologies. Jeremiah is frequently quoted in top-tier publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today. Previously, Jeremiah was a founding partner at the Altimeter Group, worked at Forrester and at Hitachi, where he launched the company’s first social program. He was featured in the  “Who’s Who” in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and his Twitter feed was named one of the top feeds by Time.

  • Mark

    Chief Innovation Officer;
    Corporate Vice President,
    Sierra Nevada Space Systems

    Recently recognized as the best technology company to work for, Sierra Nevada Corporation is a multi-billion dollar US aerospace & technology company with over 2,800 employees across the US. As head of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems (SNC), Mark Sirangelo has helped to build and grow a product portfolio ranging from small satellites, to space technologies that have enabled over 420 planetary missions such as Curiosity, to the hybrid rocket motors that won the Ansari X-Prize and currently power Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. Under a public-private partnership with NASA, SNC is also developing Dream Chaser®, an orbital space plane designed as an economical successor to the Space Shuttle which will transport humans to and from low earth orbit. Mr. Sirangelo was formerly the Chairman & CEO of a publicly traded company, SpaceDev, Inc., prior to its merging with SNC and has spent most of his professional life as an entrepreneur founding and leading several successful technology and communications companies.

    Mr. Sirangelo is Chairman Emeritus of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, a member of the board of Governors of the Aerospace Industries Association and has been inducted as an Associate Fellow of the the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was named to the Defense Industry’s Fast Track 50, Deloitte’s Fast Track 500, selected as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, included in Inc. Magazine’s top 200 companies and was inducted into the NASA/Space Foundation’s Technology Hall of Fame.

    Mr. Sirangelo has, for over 20 years, been passionately working to make the world a safer place for children. He is a Board member and Trustee of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and also a founder, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer of the International Centre for Children. These Centers have resolved over 100,000 missing children cases and have created such nationally known programs as the Amber Alert and Code Adam.

    In August 2013, recognizing his efforts to promote innovation, the Governor of Colorado appointed Mr. Sirangelo as Chairman of the Colorado Innovation Network and as the Chief Innovation Officer of the State of Colorado, a voluntary Cabinet position unique in the country. Additionally, Mr. Sirangelo is the founding and current Chairman of eSpace, the Center for Space Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit that supports STEM education and the development of entrepreneurial space companies. Recently he became a member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Board for the University of Colorado.

    Mr. Sirangelo has served his country proudly and with distinction as a U.S. Army officer and has a multi-faceted personal background which includes being a long term licensed pilot. He holds a Bachelor of Science, an MBA and Doctorate degrees.

  • Geoff
    Smart, Ph. D.

    Chairman, ghSmart;
    Author The Who: The A Method for Hiring

    Geoff serves as Chairman & CEO of ghSMART. ghSMART is an advisory firm that helps leaders who own or run large institutions to run at full power.

    ghSMART was named one of the “world’s top firms” in Broderick’s The Art of Managing Professional Services, and was profiled in Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto, Tom Peters’ The Little Big Things, and George Anders’ The Rare Find. The firm is the subject of two Harvard Business School Cases that have been taught to all 900 first-year MBAs, titled “ghSMART & Co.: Pioneering in Professional Services.”

    Geoff is co-author, with his colleague Randy Street, of the New York Times bestselling book Who: The A Method for Hiring. Shanghai Daily named Who a “Top 5 Business Book in China” and Canada’s Globe and Mail named it the “#1 Best Business and Management Book of 2009.” Geoff is author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Leadocracy: Hiring More Great Leaders (Like You) into Government, which won the 2013 IPPY Gold Medal for Best Business Book of the Year. In the 1990s, Geoff co-created the Topgrading brand of talent management.

    As a social entrepreneur, Geoff is the Founding Chairman of two 501c3 not-for-profit organizations. SMARTKids Leadership Program™ provides a customized program of 10 years of leadership tutoring and a $100,000 scholarship to top students with leadership potential from low-income communities. Secondly, The Leaders Initiative™ seeks to elevate humanity by identifying, developing, and deploying society’s greatest leaders into government. Geoff and his ghSMART colleagues volunteer as leadership advisors in the fields of education, public health, and government.

    Geoff earned a B.A. in Economics with Honors from Northwestern University, an M.A., and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where he was mentored by Peter F. Drucker. Geoff was elected to Sigma Xi, the honorary society for holders of doctoral degrees, and is a member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

  • Ruth

    Executive Director,

    Ruth Vitale has been at the forefront of independent film production and distribution for more than three decades, including as Founder and Co-President of Paramount Classics and as President of Fine Line Features.

    During her tenure at these companies, she launched the careers of many successful filmmakers such as Paul Greengrass, Sofia Coppola, and Craig Brewer. She has also worked with established talent such as Sam Raimi, Scott Hicks, Roger Michell, Jonathan Demme, Paul W.S. Anderson, Patrice Leconte, John Hillcoat, and Barbet Schroeder. Her films have won three Oscars and received 16 nominations as well as 18 Golden Globe nominations and two wins.

    At Paramount Classics, she released such award-winning films as The Virgin Suicides, Sunshine, You Can Count on Me, Sidewalks of New York, Bloody Sunday, Mostly Martha, The Singing Detective, Enduring Love, The Machinist, Mad Hot Ballroom, and Hustle & Flow.

    Fine Line produced and distributed such highlights of independent film as the Academy Award-winning Shine; The Sweet Hereafter; Love! Valour! Compassion!; Twelfth Night; Gummo; and The Winter Guest.

    Ruth also served as President of UBU Productions’ feature film division from 1988 to 1991. Among other positions, she was Senior Vice President of Production for United Artists, where she oversaw production on Child’s Play, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, and Roadhouse. As President of Production for Vestron Pictures, she broke ground with the highest-grossing independent film of the time, Dirty Dancing. She was also Director of Acquisitions for The Movie Channel. Most recently, Ruth was President of First Look Pictures and the owner of The Film Collective, a consultancy business that helps financiers and companies with the strategic planning for their films in the worldwide marketplace from development and production through distribution.

    Ruth is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

  • Jerre

    Executive Chairman,
    IHS, Inc.

    Jerre L. Stead became Executive Chairman of IHS Inc. December 1, 2000. He led IHS to a very successful IPO in November of 2005. IHS is the global leader in its industry. He served as chairman and CEO from September 2006 to June 2013, when he returned to executive chairman. IHS has provided its shareowners a 28% CAGR since its IPO. The company has grown from $470 million to $2.2 billion since going public

    He joined Ingram Micro in 1996 as Chairman and CEO with a proven track record and is characterized as having great vision and global expertise. Mr. Stead took Ingram Micro public on November 1, 1996, which, at that time, was the largest IPO in history for a technology company. Under his leadership Ingram Micro grew from an $8 billion dollar company to a $30 billion dollar company doing business in over 120 countries. The company was number 41 in the Fortune 500 for the year 2000.

    Mr. Stead began his career in 1965 at Honeywell, Inc., where he spent 21 years and held a number of executive management positions in the United States and Europe. Mr. Stead was the Chairman and CEO of Honeywell-Phillips Medical Electronics from September 1980 to June 1982. He returned to the United States as a group executive of the Homes and Buildings organizations in July of 1982.

    In 1987, he was named President and COO of the Square D Company, a leading manufacturer of electrical distribution and factory automation products. He was promoted to Chairman, President and CEO in 1988 and served in that capacity through 1991.

    In 1992, Mr. Stead was named Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Global Business Communications Systems. He was promoted to Executive Vice President of AT&T and Chairman and CEO of AT&T Global Information Solutions (NCR Corporation) in 1993. He was a member of AT&T Management Executive Committee. During this time Mr. Stead was also the chairman of NCR Japan, a publicly traded company.

    In January of 1995, Mr. Stead left AT&T to become Chairman and CEO of Legent Corporation. He resigned eight months later after a successful merger with Computer Associates providing the companies shareowners with an annualized return of 500%.

    Mr. Stead is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned his BBA, and of the Harvard University Advanced Management Program in Switzerland. Mr. Stead has been on 34 corporate boards during his career. In 2009 he was chosen as an outstanding director, one of 55 in the last ten years by the Financial Times

    Mr. Stead has chaired 16 capitol drives for nonprofit organizations. Currently he serves on the Salk Institute Board of Directors, and is Chairman of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute as well as Chairman of the board of Garret evangelical seminary. He is a past Chairman of the National Electronic Manufacturers Association and the Center of Ethics and Values at the Garrett Seminary.

  • Howard


    Howard A. Tullman is the CEO of 1871 in Chicago – where digital startups get their start – and the General Managing Partner for the Chicago High Tech Investment Partners, LLC and for G2T3V, LLC – both Chicago-based venture capital funds, and the executive chairman of Music Dealers. He most recently was the Chairman/CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy which he co-founded in 2007. He is the former President of Kendall College in Chicago and the former Chairman/CEO of Experiencia, Inc. He is also the Chairman of the Endowment Committee of Anshe Emet Synagogue, a member of Mayor Emanuel’s ChicagoNEXT and Cultural Affairs Councils, a member of Governor Quinn’s Illinois Innovation and Arts Councils, a member of President Preckwinkle’s New Media Council, an Advisory Board member of HighTower Associates, Built in Chicago, The Starter School, Imerman Angels, and uBID.COM and an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg School as well as a regular guest lecturer at the Northwestern University School of Law. Mr. Tullman also serves as a Director of Vehcon, SnapSheet, Music Dealers, BCV Evolve, MarkITx and PackBack Books and served as a long-time Director and Board Chairman of The Cobalt Group, a Trustee of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and of the New York Academy of Art and the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University, and as the lead Director (and briefly Chairman) of The Princeton Review. Over the last 45 years, he has successfully founded more than a dozen high-tech companies.

  • Michael

    McKinsey & Company

    Michael Park is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s New York Office and leads McKinsey’s Strategy and Corporate Finance for the US Northeast. Over the past 11 years, he has worked with advanced industries clients from energy equipment to aerospace and defense on growth strategy, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and capital markets based portfolio strategy.

    In addition to his client work, Michael has led McKinsey’s recent research on accelerating growth and competitiveness of US advanced industries and the role governments can play in unlocking investment to accelerate industry. He led McKinsey’s involvement in Colorado Launch!, a joint project with the Brookings Institute on accelerating the space industry in Colorado in 2013. He also co-wrote the McKinsey Quarterly article “Translating innovation into US growth” and has been a featured speaker at Brookings Institute, World Economic Forum, and state government forums on topics of advancing US competitiveness.


COIN is excited to launch the ActivateCOLORADO 90-Day Challenge as part of the 2014 Summit. The Challenge will encourage participants towards physical activity, restful sleep and overall well being through wearing a Jawbone UP band. We will provide you your very own UP band leading up to the event, assign you a team of your soon-to-be new friends and encourage your participation on the Challenge leading up to, during and after the COIN Summit. More details to come when you sign up!

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  • Doug Rhonda - CEO, Wolf Robotics

    Thomas Carson - President and CEO, Axion Health, Inc.

    Frank Caris - President and CEO, dpiX

    Jason Lachance - Vice President and CFO, dpiX

    James Billings - Vice President, Innovation, Global Metal Beverage, Ball Corporation
  • Lance Guymon - Engineering Manager, Wolf Robotics

    Robert Meilen - Chief Information Officer & VP of Information Tech, HunterDouglas North America

    Lisa Haldeman - CEO, Leopard, An Ogilvy & Mather Company

    Roxane White - Chief of Staff, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper

    Brent Hendricks - Partner, EKS&H
  • Jake Rishavy - Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Denver South EDP

    Scott Rayder - Senior Advisor to the President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

    William Farris - Associate Lab Director, Innovation Partnering & Outreach

    Philip Vaughan - President, Phil Vaughan Construction Management, Inc.

    Venkat Reddy - Dean, UCCS College of Business
  • Carrie Besnette Hauser - President & CEO, Colorado Mtn College

    Mitra Best - U.S. Innovation Officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Matt Taylor - CEO, Mercury

    Jennifer Nealson - CMO, Denver Center for the Performing Arts

    Jay Dokter - Founder / Member, The Warehouse Business Accelerator
  • Marjorie Mauldin - President, Executive Forum

    Kristen Russell - Secretary of Technology & Chief Information Officer, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology

    Doug Price - President & CEO, Rocky Mountain PBS

    Scott Russell - Vice President & General Manager, Centurylink

    Ken Lund - Executive Director, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Michelle Hadwiger - Executive Director, Colorado Innovation Network

    Mark Sirangelo - Chief Innovation Officer, State of Colorado

    John Hickenlooper - Governor, State of Colorado

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