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Colorado Innovation Network June 8, 2017

economic inclusion: capitalizing on the opportunity

Denver was recently identified by the Brookings Institute in its Metro Monitor as one of only 4 metro areas that achieved growth, prosperity, and inclusion that benefited a majority of workers of all races and ethnicities between 2000 and 2015. An achievement for Denver for sure, but is there more work that needs to be done – especially in Colorado’s growing tech-based economy?

According to the latest U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s report, the high tech sectorcompared to overall private industry employed a larger share of Caucasians (63.5 percent to 68.5 percent), Asian Americans (5.8 percent to 14 percent) and men (52 percent to 64 percent), and a smaller share of African Americans (14.4 percent to 7.4 percent), Hispanics (13.9 percent to 8 percent), and women (48 percent to 36 percent).

For example, Google’s latest workforce numbers nationally show that just two percent of its overall workforce are African Americans—an unchanged rate from 2014, with only half of those workers in actual tech-related jobs. Amazon is considered a leader among major tech companies in diversity, but only five percent of its staff are African American.

diversity & inclusion: good for business

According to the Kapor Center for Social Impact’s recently released findings, diversity in tech matters- for innovation, for product development, for meeting future workforce demands, for closing economic and wealth gaps, and for companies’ bottom lines. Yet underrepresented and underserved students face hurdles in preparing for, and accessing, 21st century jobs. Many graduate without job prospects that match their level of education, and First Generation to College students suffer the most.

Colorado-based GlobalMindED is working to address these issues and convening educational innovators, business leaders, policymakers, and major foundations to create new standards for inclusive excellence with a mission of creating a diverse talent pipeline that reflects and serves our nation and the world.

The GlobalMindED First Gen Student Leadership Program hosts 100 First Generation to College students from around the country, trains them in cultural competency, networking, and design thinking, and connects them to inclusive employers who are committed to mentoring the next generation.

GlobalMindED teaches practical job and life skills that go in hand in hand with classroom learning to provide a diverse, supportive culture that fosters opportunity and access for students, regardless of their political inclinations, race, background, ethnicity, job or class status.

Diversity in gender, race and background in Colorado’s pipeline will only strengthen our position in an ever increasing global market, and GlobalMindED is helping to lead the way. Leaders will share how they and others are working to improve Colorado’s talent pipeline at the GlobalMindED 2017 conferenceJune 21-23, in Denver. Learn more about the conference here.

building the tech talent pipeline

Zakiya Harris, the Co-Founder and CEO of Hack the Hood talks about the importance of an inclusive talent pipeline for both business and communities.

“Building the tech talent pipeline and advancing local business in the Bay Area” Published on Nov 8, 2016 by Code for America