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Denver Mini Maker Faire May 3-4 – Call for Makers Deadline March 16

By Kelly Underell on January 28, 2014

The first annual Denver Mini Maker Faire at the National Western Complex May 3 and 4th is calling for entries from makers, tinkerers, inventors, hackers and do-it-yourselfers. Makers are invited to strut their stuff in front of thousands of attendees over this two-day extravaganza of making. Any groups or individuals interested in participating can find out more and apply by March 16 at www.denvermakerfaire.org.

The Denver Mini Maker Faire encourages interactive exhibits that highlight the process of making things.This unique family-friendly event draws makers from all over the State to celebrate their unbridled creativity. Already planned for the

• A life-sized fire breathing dragon, sculpture and urban artwork
• Robotics with a hands on experience
• A soldering workshop with skilled trainers from Sponsor SparkFun Electronics
• Spinning, weaving, engaging craft projects and –of course– a Nerdy Derby!
• 3D printing, leading-edge inventions and technologies
• DPL’s book bike and crazy conveyances
• Science experiments with National and State labs such as NCAR and NIST
• Presentations from How to Write a Comic Book to Building Your Own Car
• A dark room with a tesla coil, LED art and music and so, so much more.

The Denver Mini Maker Faire is looking for a wide variety of eclectic, diverse and out-of-the-box ideas that highlight the tinkerer spirit. Exhibits and displays can range from the categories above plus anything imaginable from biotech to puppets, school projects to innovative corporate projects, kites to unique tools or machines. Show us what you can create! Hit the Apply for Makers button at www.denvermakerfaire.org and tell us what you are dreaming. We’ll get back to you to discuss your project and let you know if you are IN!

The Denver Mini Maker Faire is an offshoot of the celebrated Maker Faire (www.makerfaire.com) created in the San Francisco Bay area that draws over 100,000 annually from all around the world for “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!”

To follow the development of the Faire and also learn more about the emerging Maker Movement and community resources for Makers, visit the website at www.denvermakerfaire.org. The Denver Mini Maker faire is independently produced by Making Progress L3C and Action Works 501(c)(3) in collaboration with Maker Media.

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